Arkin Data Science

Arkin is a treatment institute for mental health care and includes various treatment centers. Together they cover the treatment of many mental health problems, from depression and anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, personality disorders, and forensic care. The data science group started to explore the value of all recorded data, and aims to support the treatment process.


My research had concentrated on brain imaging network analysis of social anxiety, personality, and personality disorders. A list of my publications can be found here , my grants and awards here . I have spent my time on run-of-the-mill underpowered fMRI studies, many bridges to nowhere, and some (I hope) attempts to figure something out.


Obvious to most, but I feel very underappreciated in the research world: teaching takes up most of your assistant (and beyond) professor time unless you have major research grants. More importantly, it is probably more consequential than any research paper. Below is a list of the tasks and courses I am involved in.